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DVD Duplication Services

DiscPrint UK offer DVD Duplication, DVD Replication and DVD Printing services (and their CD and Blu-Ray equivalents).

What is the difference?

DVD Duplication is generally for shorter runs (<500) and utilises DVD-Rs which are "burned" using banks of DVD writers.

DVD Replication first involves the production of a "glass master" and this is used to "press" a run of DVDs (normally runs over 500)

DVD Printing is the custom printing of the top surface of blank DVD-Rs (or CD-Rs) for you, the user, to burn with your own data or audio.

But these definitions ae somewhat irrelevant. You just want a certain number of DVDs produced for the best possible price and at the best quality. So please contact us for a detailed quote or to request a free sample disc (see below).

A Custom Printed DVD-R Sample - Absolutely Free!

DiscPrint offer (UK only)…

1) To print you a free sample DVD with your original artwork to show you the quality of our discs

2) (If neccessary) to produce an attractive design from your instructions using your company's logo / pictures / text

3) To send you this disc along with free samples of some of our disc case options.

No obligation - click here to get your free custom printed disc. We will send you your sample within a couple of days along with a detailed quote should you want to get more discs.

DVD Duplication - Packaging / Cases

We also offer a full disc packaging service (including booklet / inlay printing), including various video cases, plastic wallets or something more esoteric.