CD DVD Printing Services:

There are three main categories of printing we can offer; digital, litho and screen. Other options, including thermal printing, are available on request - we strive to offer everything you might require, and we don't like having to say "we can't do that". Don't forget that we are happy to produce a sample disc for you prior to you placing an order with us.

Digital Print:

This is our most popular service offering a range of full-body print options combined with exceptional quality. Most jobs of under 500 discs will fall into this category.

Simply email or send us your artwork - or you can utilise the services of our in-house designer - and we can produce a disc based on your logo/text/images that has a truly professional appearance.

The price of this service is dependent on your artwork, but in most cases it is free. If you require a just a logo and some text, it is more economical than a full colour, full-body print.

Digitally printed discs, on their own can smudge if in contact with water, or damp fingers. For this reason we use high quality semi-gloss discs with a smudge resistant coating.


Available Discs: CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R discs.

Screen Print

Screen printing is generally used for runs of more than 500 discs, and when there are two or more distinct colours - for example a white disc with black text and red line art. A wider range of "block" colours is available than for digital or litho print. Print can be on a gloss- or matt-silver or white background. The print is robust and water- /smudge- proof

Available Discs: CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-ROM and Blu-Ray discs..

Litho Print

This is the most cost effective method of printing full colour runs of more than 500 discs. This technology consistently produces a high quality print image, that is extremely robust.

Available Discs: CD-R, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-ROM and Blu-Ray discs.

Don't worry about the various options - we will ensure the right technology is used for your project, and that it offers the best end result at the best price.

If you'd like further information we'd be more than happy to talk to you about your specific requirements. You can call us during normal office hours, or of course you can email us, details below.