CD Printing and DVD Printing - The Cost

There are many options and variables that determine the overall price of your CD-R or DVD-R print job, so to minimise confusion we've recently decided to remove our formal pricelist from these pages. We have however detailed prices for some sundry items - see below - to give you an idea of some of the non print dependent options.

As we've detailed elsewhere, the best way can find out how much your print job will cost is to email us your artwork, design, logo or basic instructions of what you want.

We will then send you a free sample disc based on your design in the format most applicable to your requirements, some samples of packaging, and give you a comprehensive quote along with all the options. You can then see the quality of the discs we produce and we can provide a more accurate and detailed quote.

This is a free service - what have you got to lose? Click here for your free custom printed disc.

Disc Layout Service:

This is now a free service - we can now layout your disc for you if you provide us with your logo and requirements as to what you want on your disc. We do reserve the right to charge for more advanced design work.

Print Runs of less than 25 discs:

We will happily produce runs of any number of discs, but we do have a minimum charge of £30 plus delivery per order.

Factors Affecting Price:

As mentioned there are several factors that affect the price of printing - especially when it comes to short runs. So if you haven't yet designed your disc and you are looking to keep the price as low as possible please feel free to call us and discuss your job with us (number below). The number of discs you have printed is one of the key factors affecting the price, obviously the more you order the cheaper the unit price. Our quantity price bands are as follows:

25 discs or less : 25-49 : 50-99 : 100-249 : 250-499 : 500-999 : 1000-1999 : 2000-4999 : 5000-9999 : 10000+ discs.

Disc Quality:

We only use the highest quality blank recordable discs, typically made by TDK, Taiyo Yuden, and Ritek. (Please call if you are looking for specific discs). We are also aware that audio can require discs with a lower block error rate than data, so please let us know if you are needing CDRs for audio.

Disc Duplication:

Don't forget that we can also duplicate (copy) discs for you at very reasonable rates.

Please ensure that if you don't own the copyright of any of the material artwork or content, that you obtain the copyright holders permission to use their work before submitting it for printing/duplication.

Additional Charges
Cakeboxes/wrap free
Clear plastic wallets £0.07 per disc
Standard jewel cases £0.20 per disc
Display cases £0.28 per disc
Standard video cases £0.20 per disc
Layout Service (if required) free
Delivery £8.50 per order

And we are more than happy to talk to you about any specific print or packaging requirements not detailed above.