CD DVD Packaging

We can supply your discs packed primarily in one of 4 different ways :

1) Cakebox / Shrink-wrapping

Price £0.00

This is the no-cost option. Your discs are supplied in a plastic container each of which can contain either 50 or 100 discs. Please specify if you want cakeboxes when ordering, otherwise we will shrink-wrap your discs for you.

2) Transparent Plastic Wallets

Price £8.50 per 100

Discs are individually packaged in a high quality fully transparent plastic wallet (more transparent then shown here, for obvious reasons). These are akin to those found on the front covers of magazines when they are giving away a free disc.

3) Standard Jewel Cases

Price £0.20 each

This is the plastic case that most CDs are supplied in. We normally supply a clear plastic case with a clear tray (originally CDs came in cases with a black/grey tray, but the modern trend is towards clear - we can supply both).

4) DVD / Video case

Price £0.20 each

Most bought DVDs are supplied in this type of case, which is considerably larger than the standard jewel case. Also sometimes called an Amaray case.

5) Display Cases

Price £0.28 each

One of our most popular packing options - this is a clear soft plastic case, virtually unbreakable, with a pleasing tactile feel. These really give a professional feel to the packed disc. In addition they can be put into a standard C5 envelope and sent as a standard letter at the base price - a saving of 29 pence plus the cost of a mailer / jiffy bag!

We can of course supply other forms of packaging. From dual disc cases, to Clamshells, to custom printed wallets. Please call us to discuss your requirements.