News and Other Items of Interest

New CD Design Software

If you are a Mac user and looking for low-cost, user-friendly software for designing discs then check out Belight Software's DiscCover 3, which is a straightforward, no nonsense CD/DVD graphics design program. Its available from the new Mac App Store, or directly from Belight, and we can now accept images produced using this program for your print jobs.

How to destroy a CD

With instances of identity fraud becoming increasingly prevalent, it is important to be aware of what you are throwing away. Discs can provide a wealth of information to the data thief. We are often asked as to the best way to destroy discs (which could contain sensitive information). To this end our sister company (SRTL) now offers, in conjunction with Fellowes UK, an excellent shredder that, as well as the usual paper shredding facilities, will also safely destroy CDs and DVDs. For more information click here... CD/DVD Shredders