CD Labels and DVD Labels:

WARNING ! When you have recorded a CD or DVD the next thing you need to do is give it some form of identification. The simplest way to do this obviously is to write on the disc, alternatively you may feel you want to stick a label on it, however you should be aware that you can easily damage these discs such that the information stored on the disc becomes unreadable. If you are not going to take advantage of our DiscPrint services we recommend that you consider the following possibilities - the products mentioned can be ordered through our sister company SRTL.

CD / DVD Pens

If you do have to write on a disc you should ensure that the pen you use is specially designed for the task. If you use a pen that is too sharp you can damage the reflective layer of the disc and should you opt to use an ordinary felt tip pen you should be aware that some inks will attack the surface of the disc and, although this may not happen immediately, over a period of time the disc will degrade destroying the data it contains.

The solution is to use a felt pen with specially formulated ink. We can supply the TDK CD/DVD Pen set for just £2.97 plus VAT. This pack consists of four disc friendly pens (red, blue, black and green) in a plastic pouch, and is well worth the investment - even if you do take advantage of our custom disc printing services. More info....

CD Labeler Kit

cd labeler

The Neato CD/DVD Labelling Kit includes: • Neato CD/DVD Label Applicator • Samples of Neato Labels and Jewel Case Parts - photo quality gloss and matt white • MEDIAFACE™ 5.0 Design Software on CD ROM (PC Only). Digital Background ART for Labels and Inserts. Templates for main graphic programs (MAC/PC)

You should not stick any label to a disc other than one specially designed for applying to CDs/DVDs. If you apply a standard rectangular label to a disc it will upset the balance of the disc, and because these discs spin at a very fast speed this imbalance will introduce wobble (just like an unbalanced car wheel) and the laser will be unable to focus properly on the disc. In addition discs get hot when read by a laser and if the glue is not properly formulated then as it gets warm the glue fails and you may find the label coming off inside your CD or DVD player/recorder with disastrous consequences. So you should always choose high quality CD / DVD labels and not be tempted by cheap alternatives.

If you feel you need to follow the labelling path, we recommend the Neato CD/DVD Labelling System. This is the market leading brand and we (i.e. our sister company SRTL) have sold Neato products for many years with no problems. Neato offer both photo-quality matt and gloss finishes. More info...