ECONOMY SERVICE (CDRs £45.00 /100; DVDRs £65.00 /100)

We have recently introduced an economy service offering amazing value-for-money for those who want a no-nonsense disc print solution. For information on our premium discprint services please click here.

For just £45.00 we will supply 100 high quality digitally printed CD-R discs supplied in a cakebox. The discs can be printed in two areas above and below the central hub as shown right.

Examples: The two print areas areas can be used for anything: Logos, text, lines, tick boxes etc. Some possible options are shown below.

How to proceed:

Decide what you are going to put in one or both of the print area:

If you are designing the blocks yourself, follow the instructions below:

Allow 70mm x 37.5mm for each block, and each block should have a resolution of at least 200 dpi, ideally 300 dpi.

Once you have your finished blocks simply attach them as a pdf or jpeg file in an email to us.

If you want us to put the overall design together follow the instructions below:

You should bear in mind that each block measures 70mm x 37.5mm when deciding what to include.

If you are using logos or images these need to be emailed to us (ideally as a pdf or jpeg file), along with the text and or graphics you want. If you want to mock up a rough design email that too.

Click here to bring up your email program ready addressed to us ( We will set them (as the examples above) and email them back to you for your approval along with a link to our secure payment server, where you can complete your details and make payment.

Disc Quality: We only use the highest quality blank recordable discs, typically made by TDK, Taiyo Yuden, and Ritek. (Please call if you are looking for specific discs). We are also aware that audio can require discs with a lower block error rate than data, so please let us know if you are needing CDRs for audio.

Disc Duplication: Don't forget that we can also duplicate (copy) discs for you at very reasonable rates.

Prices and Options per 100 discs
100 Custom Printed CD-Rs £45.00
100 Custom Printed DVD-Rs £65.00
Supplied in cakeboxes free
Supplied in clear 150 micron plastic wallets £8.50
Supplied in standard jewel cases £20.00
Supplied in display cases £28.00
Supplied in video cases £20.00
Layout Service (if required) free
Delivery £10.00

And we are more than happy to talk to you about any specific print or packaging requirements not detailed above.