About DiscPrint

DiscPrint is a division of the long established (well, since 1989) company SRTL, a specialist distributor of digital recording technology and allied media.

The partners of the business have worked together playing key roles in the recording and media industries for a period spanning four decades and currently operate at the forefront of the new breed of internet-based operations (albeit with a strong local presence). The business model has helped define the way forward in the supply of technology-based recording products driven as it is by extreme price competition and razor-sharp delivery systems.

Expertise is key to our performance. The competitive edge is gained not only through advantageous buying and the provision of subsidised / Europe-wide logistics but also the very high calibre and commitment of the staff.

DiscPrint Company History

The expertise of the partners is reflected in their past business ventures which have brought to the shores of the U.K. some of the most significant/ cutting-edge technologies available to the modem recording musician. In the late seventies the partners were responsible for introducing Sequential Circuits and Oberheim synthesizers to the U.K. via ‘Rod Argents Keyboards’ in London's Tin Pan Alley. Later projects included 'Chromatix' in West London where the business championed the use of electronic percussion and helped break down the barriers between the elite of hi-tech musicians and the wider public. Later, the partners formed 'Evenlode Soundworks' which introduced Steinberg Software, Digidesign and other major brands to the U.K. and in doing so set in train the computer-based music revolution.

Since 1989, we have promoted the evolution in audio and video carriers away from older formats such as DAT, MiniDisc and analogue tape and into the newer digital formats.

The company continued to worked closely with TDK Europe and Philips to bring to market the latest media technologies and to offer fast, efficient delivery at prices up to 60% lower than could be found elsewhere.

For the past 20 years, SRTL has been a major distributor of ancillary media products such as NEATO labelling systems/consumables, CD/DVD mailers and a variety of other related products.

The DiscPrint subsidiary was set up in 1995.

The friendly, efficient and knowledgeable nature of our personnel has made us the 1st choice for those fed up with the impersonal nature of most businesses who use the internet. We are always ready to talk to our customers and advise them which options are the best to take , and are always ready to supply samples of your print requirements.

Whether you are looking at a print run of 25 or 25,000 discs you will receive the same high level of service from all the staff here at DiscPrint. We very much hope to be able to welcome you soon to our loyal and growing list of satisfied clients.