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CD Replication Services

We offer CD Replication, CD Duplication and CD Printing services (and their DVD equivalents).

What is the difference?

CD Replication first involves the production of a "glass master" and this is used to "press" a run of CDs (normally 500+).

CD Duplication is generally for shorter runs (<500) and uses CD-Rs which are burnt using banks of CD writers.

CD Printing is the printing of the top surface of blank CD-Rs (or DVD-Rs) for you, the user, to burn with your own data or audio.

But, you don't need to worry about definitions. You just want a certain number of CDs produced for the best possible price and at the best quality. Please contact us for a detailed quote or request a free sample (see below).

Free Custom Printed Sample

DiscPrint offer:

1) To print a free sample CD with your original artwork to show you the quality of our discs

2) To produce an attractive design from your instructions using your logo pictures (etc)

3) To send you free samples of some of our disc case options.

No obligation - r click here to get you free custom printed disc. We will send you your sample within a couple of days along with a detailed quote should you want more discs.

CD Replication - Packaging / Cases

We also offer a full disc packaging service (including booklet / inlay printing), including standard jewel cases, plastic wallets or something more esoteric.