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CD Printing and DVD Printing Services

If you are sending CDs / DVDs to clients, potential customers, or to any third party you could be using discs custom printed to your requirements (CDs, DVDs Blu-Ray). Most of us use headed notepaper, so why not have your discs custom printed with your company logo etc. for that professional image.

Possible uses:

  • corporate branding
  • special projects
  • product presentations
  • supplying photographs for your clients
  • medical scans and other professional images
  • software, and software updates
  • music demos / finished albums
  • security (prevent stock loss).

We can work from your artwork, or you can take advantage of our in-house design team who can work from your ideas. If you'd like you can email us your artwork, and we can provide you with a free sample. We are sure you will be impressed with the quality.

We offer CD Printing services (or DVD / Blu-Ray) for 10 discs upwards, and don't forget, we only use top quality discs from JVC Professional, Taiyo Yuden, and Ritek to ensure optimum performance.

New: Custom Printed USB Drives

In addition to CD and DVD Printing services we can now supply custom printed USB Drives. For more information click here.

The advantages of Custom CD, DVD and USB Printing:

  • We can give your company a professional image when sending discs to clients / potential customers - a disc with a few scribbled words in felt tip pen doesn't portray a professional image
  • We can identify your disc/drives to prevent stock 'disappearances'
  • We can insure that relevant copyright and legal disclaimers appear on your discs and drives
  • We can serial number discs and drives for tracking of sensitive information
  • CD print and DVD print are the economic solutions to giving your discs, and your company, the image they deserve.

If you are looking for blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs without any print, please do visit our parent company SRTL's website (click here).

CD Duplication | DVD Duplication | CD Replication | DVD Replication | USB Duplication

We can also duplicate / replicate your discs/drives, i.e. produce media with your data burnt / pressed onto them, and in addition we offer a full packaging service (including booklet / inlay printing), be your requirement standard jewel cases, plastic wallets or something more esoteric.